Introducing Vector

Due to COVID-19 and the current situation, critical information needs to be shared with your team daily.


Get the right tools that enable you to rapidly deploy messages out to all of your staff. Don’t rely solely on email communication. Every staff member has a mobile phone and will receive SMS messages instantly.


Customology’s Vector SMS platform is a quick messaging service which enables you to get the right message to the right people.


  • Send instant messages to the right team or the right group of customers.
  • Easily filter to send messages to individual stores, specific regional stores, or to your whole team.
  • Communicate with local and national customers to keep them updated on your current situation.


It’s a self-serve platform, ensuring you can manage and send SMS messages as and when required.


It’s quick to market, our Customologists can have you up and running within hours.





Start getting comms out today


Contact Michael Woodruff, Head of Growth on 0408 181 765,