Customer Growth Analysis

We can reveal if you’re relying on acquisition to maintain growth, if you’re actually keeping customers, who your most profitable customers are and how to grow more of them.  


Believe it or not – you already have all of the data you need. No shiny new marketing tech required.


The challenge, however, is being able to effectively analyse the masses of data you have to identify genuine growth opportunities. You might feel that you have ‘too much’ data and haven’t got a clue where to start or which data to leverage to drive traffic into stores and online. Does this sound like your brand? We can help.

We start with the customer, blending behavioural economics with data science. Through deep analysis of your customer transactional data, we can deliver a clear picture on how your customers are behaving and their value to your brand. We can also identify growth opportunities and recommendations on how to influence the right types of customer behaviour – that will help you grow sales.


Get one step ahead of your competitors. Customology can provide actionable insights and a baseline for key strategic decision making within a matter of weeks.

What does a Customer Growth Analysis include?


Step 1: Data Review and Customer Identity Resolution


  • Make sense of your customer and transactional data.
  • Get a clear single customer view achieved via data cleansing and duplication removal, data hygiene and data enrichment techniques.
  • Analysis of unique customer behaviours between the different transactional channels.


Step 2: Waterfall Analysis



  • Reveals the stickiness of your customers and where your growth is being driven from.
  • Accurately measure the rate of customer acquisition and loss. Compare the change in transactional behaviours of your customers across buying cycles.
  • Identify how much revenue you missed out on by losing previously active customers.


Step 3: Customer Behavioural Segmentation


  • True segmentation of your customers, by behavioural groups and their real value.
  • Gain valuable insight to help you increase the frequency of transactions and engagement by customers, increase average transaction value and overall lifetime value.
  • Implement programs to re-activate lost customers and ensure existing customers remain engaged.


Step 4: Customer Indexing and Propensity Analysis


  • Understand where to focus your marketing efforts (and budget), and the different messages to be shared to activate the path to repurchase.
  • Learn each of your customer segments disposition and propensity towards purchasing and engagement behaviours.

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