Work smarter, not harder: Leveraging the customer data readily available to you

In today’s digital age, there’s no excuse for brands not delivering personalised experiences to their customers. In fact, customer expectations continue to evolve, so those not keeping up are at risk of being left behind.

Our research report, The Unspoken Customer revealed that almost half of Australian customers don’t believe they are being targeted in a relevant way, and worryingly – 82% of these customers could be tempted by a competitor. 

It’s all in the data…..customer data

Every time a customer makes a purchase from your brand, they are revealing a little bit more about themselves. It’s up to you how you use that information to build that individual relationship.

The problem many marketers have is that their customer data is stored in multiple platforms or in some cases, spreadsheets. It’s difficult to get a clear single customer view and determine exactly how their customers are behaving. How are you supposed to target customers or influence their next purchase if you don’t have all of the information in front of you?

There’s many negatives to juggling multiple individual platforms – such as segregated communications strategies, the extensive time required to manage each one, ineffective marketing spend, inaccurate analysis and importantly, the risk of your customers receiving mixed messages.

Data comes from a number of sources, such as the point of sale (POS), your CRM, email marketing platforms, social media…the list goes on!

So how can brands leverage the customer data readily available to them?

Market smarter, not harder

The digital age has not only enabled brands to learn more about their customers, it’s also made simple solutions for brands to integrate their data into a single source of truth. You don’t need to invest in expensive technology to achieve this. There’s a much simpler and quicker way to make this happen. 

Through effective API integration, you can integrate all of your data into one place. Helping you to segment your customers much more effectively, in order to genuinely continue the conversation with them, influence their next behaviours and ultimately, drive customer loyalty. 

Customology’s innovative customer engagement platform, Avecta was built to help brands achieve a real-time single customer view, with endless segmentation data fields available to ensure hyper-personalised targeted messages are being shared – at all times. 

This means instead of targeting customers based on generic demographics (as many still do), brands can become data led, with the customer at the heart of every communication.

Of course, marketing smarter, not harder is not just about data and segmentation. It’s also about finding the right channel to engage your customers. Too many rely solely on email, when in fact there are so many alternative routes to the customer; SMS, phone, push notifications, social media, direct mail…to name a few. Avecta not only integrates all of your data into a single source, it can help you manage integrated campaigns across channels.


Marketing today is driven by data-decision making. Customer data should be at the centre! Instead of second guessing what your customers may be interested in, leverage the data available to you – which will tell you what they’re interested in. 

You don’t need to invest in an expensive marketing automation platform, you can leverage all of the customer data readily available to help you transform your marketing communications strategy by investing in an alternative solution, such as Avecta.

What makes Avecta different is its ability to integrate multiple data sources into a single view, its dynamic segmentation capabilities and multi-channel campaign management. Achieve stronger customer engagement, higher conversion rates and increase ROI.

If you’re interested in learning more about Avecta or would like to request a demo, we’d love to help. Contact one of our Customologists on 1300 264 549 or

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