PRESS RELEASE: Price Attack invest in customer growth and retention by partnering with Customology

The journey to great hair just got personal with Price Attack engaging customer lifecycle management specialists Customology, to help them grow customer lifetime value and retention. 

Operating for over 30 years, with over 65 stores nationwide, Price Attack is one of Australia’s largest and most successful retailers providing professional hair care solutions and salon services to thousands of customers across Australia. With today’s customers demanding more personalised experiences, this partnership will help Price Attack add value to their loyal customers. 

Customology have been engaged over a multi-year partnership to: 

  • Help Price Attack leverage customer data and insights 
  • Identify customer growth opportunities 
  • Influence the right customer behaviours to activate the path to re-purchase 
  • Enhance the customer experience to create more loyal customers 

Price Attack’s General Manager of Marketing, Jamie McDougall stated “This partnership with Customology will help us understand our customers better, so we can create additional value to our loyal customers and deliver an enhanced personalised experience, whilst supporting the continued growth of the brand.” 

Jess Leth, Digital Marketing Manager added, “Our partnership with Customology enables us to strengthen our customer experience and effectively continue the conversation with each of our customers, by recognising their unique lifecycle journey.” 

Customology’s General Manager, Michael Barnard said “We are excited to work with Price Attack in creating customers for life, by understanding their customers and influencing the customer lifecycle, ultimately helping their clients to discover their style.”

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