WEBINAR: How to grow sales without growing customer numbers

Business is tough and some franchise networks are at the crossroads, unsure which path will lead them to success. While a common franchisor mindset is to try and achieve revenue growth by encouraging franchisees to win more customers, a known fact is that 80% of future profits will come from 20% of existing customers. So instead of trying to grow from new customers, franchise networks need to be investing in their existing customers. If you’re not looking after them, a competitor will.

For this webinar, the Franchise Relationships Institute asked Customology to show how franchisors can help franchisees to identify and drive increased sales from their most profitable customers.

We share how franchise networks can identify the missed opportunity within the customer life cycle. The webinar will also cover:

• How to effectively segment your customers to identify growth opportunities.
• Good and bad examples of customer communications – demonstrating what works and what doesn’t.
• How a leading franchise network is keeping customers engaged through a seamless online and offline experience.
• Practical takeaways to drive customer loyalty and growth in your franchise network.

By 2020, customer experience is expected to overtake both price and product as a key brand differentiator. What will this mean for your franchise network? It’s time to take action and look after your existing customers to prevent them seeking a more personalised and relevant experience elsewhere.

This webinar is suitable for both franchisor executives and franchisees.

Duration: 45 minutes including a 10 minute Q&A Session

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